Aviation services

Operational and Technical Audits

For Operators or Air operator’s customers, a regular evaluation of their processes, procedures and personnel employed remains necessary for maintaining a safe standard. Audits allow the detection and the correction of deviations in standards created by the routine and the environment the aviation companies are exposed to. Pegasus is proposing, with detailed checklists, to review all the processes and procedures employed during a full audit, or to intervene only in sectors requiring an update using modular options.

With the optional follow up, we will control the progress of the corrective actions for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months depending on the formula chosen. Through analysis of your needs, we will work together and obtain the bestsolution best suited to your needs.

Our differents services:

  • Assessment of the operational methods employed by your operators.
  • Verification of the licences conformity and crew’s proficiency checks.
  • Assessment of the crews training and evaluation of the training program in relation with the specific requirements of the operations (silent participation of the auditor at the simulator cessions, CRM and crew cooperation, training records).
  • Verification of aircrafts operational documentation.
  • Verification of SMS implementation within the organisation.
  • Regular FDM follow up, setting up of the triggers, follow up of the corrective actions in case of repeated excursions (long term contract 6 or 12 months with 2 or 4 site visits inclusive)
  • Follow up of corrective actions suggested during previous audits (long term contract, 6 or 12 months with 2 or 4 site visits inclusive).
  • Verification of the technician’s competency and recurrency.
  • Verification of the aircraft’s maintenance level and documentation updating.
  • Verification of the spare parts stock, their condition and the follow up.
  • Verification of fuel farms conformity and level of maintenance.
  • Helipads inspection and conformity