With modern construction techniques, it is now possible to produce flying vintage aircraft replicas of your choice for delivery at short notice.

Ranging from the Red Baron Fokker DR1 to the De Havilland DH2, not to mention the Bleriot which crossed the channel and other replicas, either single or two seat versions, it is now possible to possess a copy of a vintage aircraft at a moderate cost. Although the aspect of the aircrafts looks ancient, these machines benefit from the advances in modern technologie concept and are easy and safe to fly. The Vintage branch of Pegasus specilises in marketing, constructing and operating these replicas. We cover the needs for the cinema industry, associations, and other commercial agencies in producing any type of replica that has been conceived since the origins of the aviation and 1920. Pegasus can also assist in producing the sites for aerial and ground filming. Do not hesitate to share your project with us, we will help you to make it reality.

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